Living room decorating ideas for apartments

A living room is one of the most important rooms in an apartment. It is the first room you will receive guests in and it tells them a lot about your individual style by how you have decorated it.

There are a number of great ideas when it comes to decorating a living room. Sometimes all it requires is some thinking outside the box especially when you have limited space to work with or you are in a rental apartment. There are no fixed rules and remember to choose ideas in your budget range and more importantly use ideas that appeal to you.

Decorating ideas

  1. Floating shelves

These are the perfect way to use available wall space. Remember to have displays, pictures or ornaments that you can change. Use them in rotation and in this way you keep the look of your wall fresh and interesting.


  1. Painting your furniture:

Rental rules often don’t allow you to paint your apartment walls. A great idea then would be to paint your wooden furniture in bright colours. This adds a unique look and feel to the living room.

  1. Make use of furniture as multiple storage pieces

This can help free up space in your living room as the furniture piece can perform two functions while taking up less space. A good example would be a bookcase with a cupboard section below it which can be used as storage.


  1. Rotate carpets and rugs

This is a great way to change the look of your living room on a regular basis. Have a number of carpets and rugs that you can use in rotation. Stamp your own unique look on your living room, especially in a rental apartment where you won’t be able to make any major changes to flooring.

  1. Use of Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps are an inexpensive way of adding lighting to your living room. There are many design options to choose from including modern contemporary lamps which not only provide a light source, but brighten the room with their colourful appearance. Floor lamps are perfect to use in a small living room area as they do not take up much space. A good idea is to use slim bases and shades that are drum shaped as this adds height to a small area and will not overshadow other decor you might have. An arc lamp is another option as the base can be moved out of the way while the stem and light can be positioned where needed. Floor lamps are versatile as well, when you rearrange your living room in the future, they are easy to rearrange along with it. Read our tips for decorating with floor lamps.


  1. Use mirrors to create the illusion of space

The clever use of mirrors can make a small living room look bigger. Place the mirror across from a window. Natural light reflecting back off the mirror will create the illusion of your living room looking bigger than it really is.

  1. Use multi functional furniture

Another way to make best use of the small living room is to use multi functional furniture, for example a sleeper-sofa. Perfect to use as a sofa during the day, it can be used at a bed at night when necessary.

Remember, decorating a living room is up to your personal preference, choose a style that you love and most importantly have fun!