The latest trends in lighting

As one of the most important parts of home decoration, lighting trends change regularly. Visiting your local lighting shop can sometimes be difficult with so many lighting examples on offer. Choosing the correct lighting can be made a lot easier with some simple points to look out for.

Some current lighting trends include the following.

Lighting Trends 

  1. Layered lighting

Layered lighting uses different forms of lighting in layers which adds to its dimension and depth. Three types of lighting are used to achieve this.

  • Ambient lighting: For example, a chandelier in the middle of the room which provides the general lighting for the whole room.
  • Task lighting: For example, a floor lamp near a reading chair which provides light for reading at night.
  • Accent lighting: For example, a pendant light used to accent a certain feature in the room, for example an expensive piece of art.


  1. Design

Design is important when it comes to choosing the correct type of lighting for your room. There are various types of designs that are sought after. Let’s look at them in more detail.

  • Organic
    : These lighting designs use organic compounds inspired by nature. If you are looking to add texture and ambiance to your lighting this is the perfect choice.
  • Beaded: These lighting designs make use of various materials including plastic, ceramics, glass, metal or shells which are fashioned most notably into chandeliers but can encompass other forms of hanging indoor lighting.
  • Industrial: These lighting designs make use of robust, sturdy materials (often metal, glass or wood). An example would be using glass jars, hollowed out wood or a piece of metal as a lighting fixture. They can be used in formal or informal settings.
  • Art deco: These lighting designs date back to the 1920’s. They remain timeless as they can be used in any style of room.
  • Novelty: These lighting designs make use of fun items designed as lighting including salt lamps, lava lamps, rope/string lights and are often used as accent lighting.
  • Mixed materials: These lighting designs make use of different materials forming part of the same lighting design. For example, a lighting fixture with a cast iron base, wooden stem and glass shade may be what your room needs to tie in various other decorating elements. 
  1. Colour

Of course colour is often down to personal preference but it does play a large part in making your lighting stand out. You may not think it, but white is often the most versatile colour available to you and it works in most room types.  However, using a burst of colour can also accent a particular area of a room.

  1. Over scale

Currently lighting trends point towards lighting fixtures that are over scale, especially when it comes to chandeliers and other ceiling lights but can also apply to floor lamps. Bigger is better!


  1. Dimmer switches

Certainly not a new innovation, dimmer switches allow you to control the lighting at any time and can be used to change the mood of a room in an instant. They are an inexpensive way to go about changing the lighting in a room.

These are some of the current trends in lighting, follow them and the lighting in your home will be sure to dazzle!