Floor Lamp Decorating Ideas

Lighting plays a very important part of setting up the warmth and mood for venue or location. Every room in your home needs to be viewed with a combination of lighting in mind, including general lighting (provides overall illumination), task lighting (in an area where tasks are performed) and accent lighting (creates visual interest).

Floor lamps (which fall under accent lighting) are an incredibly easy way to add style or to draw attention to a focal point in a room while adding warmth to the area through diffused light. Floor lamps are both functional and add style and are one of the easiest ways to change the mood in a room by either changing their location or by changing their shade type.

The style of your room and the amount of light needed, go a long way in deciding the type of floor lamp you should choose.

Various styles of floor lamps

Although there are various styles of floor lamps, we will be looking at four types and how to use them in decorating your home.

The four types are:

  • Console or Club
  • Tiffany
  • Torchiere
  • Arc lighting
  1. Console or Club floor lamps

A console or club lamp is often what comes to mind when people think about floor lamps; a base, a straight lamp pole and a shade with a single bulb. The lamp pole and shade can be made of various materials, including wood, brass or stainless steel for the pole and cloth or plastic for the shade. The shade itself comes in a variety of shapes including round, drum, square and tulip. Console or club lamps add a classic look to a room and are perfect in a traditional study or den.


  1. Tiffany floor lamps

A tiffany lamp is distinctive in the fact that it has a shade that consists of stained glass. Very few of the original lamps are to be found today, and most are reproductions. They are more Art Nouveau in style and do not add much to a room from a lighting perspective. Their incredible beauty allows them to be used in a number of rooms particularly dining rooms, personal libraries and living rooms where they will add their own unique ambience.


  1. Torchiere floor lamps

Torchiere lamps were originally made of wood or metal with a candle on top to provide light. They originated in the 1700’s in France and soon designs become more elaborate with more candles added. Modern torchiere lamps are used to provide illumination upwards mostly using halogen bulbs. Their brightness can be changed using an adjustable switch. As they are very modern in design, they fit in with rooms that are contemporary, for example a modern TV room.


  1. Arc lighting floor lamps

Arc lighting floor lamps have either one or many lighting fixtures that come away off the lamp pole itself. These can be directed to light various objects in the room for example, a painting that you want illuminated. They can also be used for reading purposes. They come in a variety of styles making them perfect to use in many room types.



A few basic rules to follow when selecting floor lamps

When selecting your floor lamps for your home, consider these basic rules.

  • There are many types of floor lamps. Make sure the one you choose fits in with the room you are decorating.
  • Changing a shade on an existing lamp can go a long way to changing the ambience in a room.
  • Make sure you stick to the correct scale. A thin floor lamp does not work with bulky furniture and vice versa.
  • See how the shade looks with the light on before you buy a floor lamp. Will the lighting from the lamp work the way you want it to?
  • Drum shaped shades work well in modern homes while flute or square shaped shades work in traditional homes.