Cool Lamps – Our Top 7 Picks

With so many different lighting designs, lamps, wall lights and ceiling fixtures available, personal preference goes a long way in picking something that you like and that will fit in with your decorating ideas.
Here are our 7 favourite lamps!

1. 1940 Hollywood style studio floor lamp

Made of aluminium and standing over 6 foot tall this lamp is perfect for a lounge or even a home bar. It adds an industrial feel to the room and has certain elegance to it. It could be used as either a task lighting piece (a reading light perhaps) or even as accent lighting, illuminating artwork or something similar. A magnificent piece!

2. Coffee cup lamps

Perfect for use as an ambient lighting piece in a kitchen or dining room, this light fixture really stands out as something completely different and extraordinary. It can either be used against a wall or can be hung from the ceiling.

3. Log lamp

A great example of the trendy industrial/farmhouse lighting, this Log lamp is best used as ambient lighting. It would work brilliantly in a den or a living room, probably near a fire place for even greater affect, especially if a fire is not lit.

4. Abyss table lamp

With its striking design, this table lamp made out of polycarbonate has an organic attraction to it. It would work perfectly as a lighting piece on a dining room table, a bedside table or as pictured above. The lamp can be bent into different shapes leaving you with endless design possibilities.

5. Hemisphere lamp

A little “cheeky” this lamp would work perfectly on the wall of your bar at home as a provider of ambient light. Something completely different and probably not something a lot of your friends would have seen before. Be sure to switch off at “Full Moon!”

6. Torn lighting

Torn lighting uses LED lighting to create its effect. This can be used as task or ambient lighting and would be perfect in a living room, TV room or even a bedroom (for something different). It can be used on both wall corners and flat surfaces. Torn lighting is a completely unique way to add light to your home.

7. Troja arc lamp

An amazing piece of modern design, the Troja arc lamp is perfect for task lighting such as a reading light. Suitable for a lounge or study, it will however require some space as it is large.